Adapatación de tu-154m a Capítulo 4
« : 06 de mayo de 2007, 19:58:13 »
Esto prroviene de la revista Skyliner:

Aviacor has delivered the first new-build Chapter 4-compliant Tupolev Tu-154M and is expanding its upgrade programme that includes the installation of winglets.
Two companies, NPO Saturn and Metallist-Samara, have developed Tu-154M Chapter 4 hushkits. The new
aircraft was delivered to the flight department of the Samara regional administration. Aviacor will deliver two more new-build Tu-154Ms this year - one to the Russian defence ministry and one to Kyrgyzstan Airlines. Aviacor
also has three Tu-154M white tails, soon to be completed
and sold to customers over the next two years. Late last
year Aviacor delivered the first Tu-154M retrofitted with winglets, which provide a 2-3% reduction in fuel burn during cruise. Deliveries of modified aircraft with maximum take-off weight increased to 104t will begin this
Por lo que esuché algo así estabn haciendo tambien con los il-76 con son indispensables para la compañías de carga rusa.
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